Molly Neuman Exits Kickstarter For Songtrust

Molly Newman Songtrust[UPDATED] Molly Neuman has left Kickstarter to become Global Head of Business Development at Songtrust. The drummer and riot grrrl movement leader had lead music initiatives at the crowdfunding platform. 



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The Charlotte, Leicester, UK 1993


Respected music industry veteran Molly Neuman has exited her position as Kickstarter's Head Of Music after two years to become Songtrust's first Global Head of Business Development.

A division of Downtown Music Publishing, Songtrust is a global digital rights management platform that allows songwriters and artists to manage their music publishing and related rights. Newman will be leading Marketing, Sales, and Business Development at the company. 

In a post on Medium, Neuman wrote: "Besides the performance royalties earned via the radio, in bars and restaurants, and for live performances collected by the performance rights organizations like ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and the other international equivalents, there are royalties generated through the streaming services, web and satellite radio, and more.

"For most songwriters early in their career, the business landscape is absolutely prohibitive to being able to access and collect the money they are due," wrote Neuman, recounting her own struggles to a member of the early 90's Punk band Bratmobile.

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