Facebook Tips, Tricks, Best Practices For Music 2018

1As social media grows and changes, it can be difficult to keep pace, and just once you feel you've got something figured out, your knowledge instantly becomes obsolete. Facebook is no exception, as we delve into the best practice for utilizing the platform in 2018.


Guest post by Victoria Morris, The Orchard's Manager, Interactive Marketing from The Daily Rind

Social media is a continuous learning and adapting process. It may seem like as soon as you have a full understanding of a platform, something changes and you are right back to square one. That is when our yearly best practices come to the rescue!

There’s no question that Facebook should be a big part of your marketing plan. Facebook is still the leading social platform with the user base of 2.07 billion monthly active users. According to Statista, 53% of U.S. residents use Facebook several times a day, the average being eight times a day.

It is more important than ever to stick out from the crowd in your marketing approach and to pay attention to algorithm changes so you can target your audience accordingly. Understanding the platform allows you to take advantage of all Facebook has to offer and get creative with your strategy. Showing personality, building a solid brand and being interactive on social media is now key to creating a dedicated and passionate fanbase.

In the slideshow below, we will help you understand the news feed, share do’s and don’ts of the platform, and provide creative marketing ideas to get your audience engaged and excited.

Facebook Best Practices 2018 from The Orchard
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  1. Thanks for the tipps. Facebook was always used a lot by musicians but now its almost dead. Most artists i know have to pay in order that their posts are shown. Thats why most of them left this platform. It has almost become impossible to reach your audience as a musician.

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