Musicians And The Great College Dilemma

1For many musicians, the choice of whether or not to attend college can be a difficult one. While college can provide a lot of opportunities for both networking and improving one's skills, many artists find that college is out of their financial reach, or consider unnecessary to their success in the industry.


In this latest article from MusicThinkTank, Daniel Matthews explores the age-old dilemma faced by musicians trying to decide whether or not to invest in a college education.

"Ever heard of biomimicry? Turns out there’s a degree in it. “The mix of online and field study was what made it so life-changing,” says Sara Al-Sayed, who got her degree in biomimicry from ASU. “It was a shift in my paradigm and the way I look at the world.” This paradigm shift easily translates into the world of music. Instruments that imitate birds and whales. Soundscapes that mirror the landscape. "

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