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Spotify Announces Major Streaming Stats Calculation Shakeup

1In a bit of good news for artists, Spotify recently announced that it will be altering the way in which it tallies streams of remixes, meaning both artists and remixers will both receive more recognition and exposure for their efforts.


Guest post by Josh Hannen of frtyfve

2Spotify have announced a significant shake-up in the way that streaming figures are calculated. “For the first time, streams of remixes will count toward the remixer’s monthly listeners” (Spotify). This is great news for artists, whose remix efforts have not previously counted towards their monthly listening statistics. Many of the remixes released on Spotify match and exceed the popularity of original tracks.

All tracks dating back to the beginning of 2015 will have the new crediting applied. This also means that remixes of tracks will now appear in the remixer’s popular and latest release sections of their profiles. Spotify have said that “these improvements are all about recognising remixers for their artistry”.

Crucially, this means that artists will be able to track insights for their remixes, providing them with data of how fans are engaging with their music. Additionally, remixers themselves will now be exposed to a wider audience than before. Online scouting platform TalentAI will be tracking the progress of this new upward trajectory of remixers and tracks, utilising Spotify's API data to unearth the fastest growing artist.