Why Vinyl Matters [WATCH]

1Here Sunny Stuart Winter sat down to chat with Dr. Jennifer Otter Bickerdike, author of Why Vinyl Matters about the longevity of the format's resurgence, it's subcultural capital, and the strong connects which it has with fans.


Guest post by Sunny Stuart Winter

With vinyl sales increasing again in 2017, it's clear the resurgence in the physical format isn't going away. One in every 10 physical music sales in the final quarter of last year was vinyl. The comeback, perhaps a direct revolt against digital downloads and MP3s, fascinates me at a time where one has the entire encyclopedia britannica of music in their pocket.

But why? And can it truly last? Is it here to stay?

For the latest episode of Such Great Heights (and the last in the long-form series*, more on that later), I met with Dr. Jennifer Otter Bickerdike, author of ‘Why Vinyl Matters’ and authority figure on the subcultural importance of the medium.

In this absorbing conversation, filmed at BIMM London (where Dr Jen lectures), we go in depth about the connection of music fans and vinyl, its subcultural capital, fandom, as well as stories from Dr Jen’s meetings with the likes of Henry RollinsLars UlrichFatboy Slim and more, who feature in her incredible coffee table read.

If you’re even remotely interested in music and why people connect with music, let alone if you collect vinyl, then I suggest you stop reading and click play below.

Many thanks to Dr. Jen for her time, her friendship and for sharing such wonderful stories. Thanks also to BIMM London for having me – you’ll be seeing me again soon enough.

Such Great Heights is changing, for the better. The next episode, featuring KerrangNoisey and New York Observer writer Mischa Pearlman will be a new short-form episode. Streamlined for the YouTube generation, with all the same great advice, wisdom and stories, but a new to-the-point direction.

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What a deal huh?

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