#DeleteFacebook Trending On Twitter As Users Exit

#DeleteFacebookThe hashtag #DeleteFacebook is trending on Twitter, after it was revealed that the social network somewhat unwittingly shared data for as many as 50 million people with Cambridge Analytics, a firm that provided services to the Trump election campaign.

The time has come for all good music marketers to redouble their efforts to build an email list, as millions of Facebook users express displeasure with online protests and account deletions over the social media platform's data policies and leaks.

#DeleteFacebook is trending on Twitter and multiple news outlets claim that users are deleting their accounts in droves. This alone likely does not mean a MySpace-like end for Facebook, but some respected tech sites, multiple celebrities and a lot of regular users are rushing for the exit. BusinessInsider is even linking to instructions.

Facebook stock also fell 4% on Monday, and was down another 2.9% in morning trading on Tuesday.

pro tipPRO TIP:  Consider this as a wakeup call to build a strong email list that you control.  Our two favorite tools for doing that are Noisetrade and Fanbridge. 

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