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Music Is Never Made In A Bubble: What Entrepreneurship Means For Musicians

1This piece looks at how musicians can work to stand out and separate themselves from the crowd, with an emphasis on making music from a socially conscientious perspective, and how they can become better at doing this as they develop their careers.


In this followup post from MusicThinkTank, Nicholas Patrick Quigley describes what exactly socially responsible entrepreneurship means for contemporary musicians, and how they can become better at it.

"Entrepreneurship is a critical process. If entrepreneurship is about solving problems for people, then the practice of entrepreneurship requires critical reflection. A critical lens must be used to view our intentions and actions—and those of others—so that we may provide relevant solutions to relevant problems. The questions of how—as described above—may be addressed only once we have interrogated our motivations, and asked why we make music, and for whom we make music."

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