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New Taylor Swift ‘Delicate’ Video Is Live On Spotify

 Taylor Swift tweets[UPDATE 2] Taylor Swift's second video for her single "Delicate" premiered overnight exclusively on Spotify, as part of a larger partnership with the streamer. The single take self-shot vertical video has been added to "This Is Taylor Swift" and select official Spotify playlists.

 It's quite a turnaround for the multi-platinum singer, who just months ago kept her new release off Spotify for several weeks because she believed their payouts devalued her music.

The video premier also appears to be part of a deeper partnership between Swift and Spotify.  "Spotify will have more cool stuff to share involving Taylor Swift, so stay tuned, " wrote a publicist for Spotify.

Here's the original PR announcement and Swift's tweet:

"She may dance like nobody’s watching in her official “Delicate” music video, but in this new video, filmed in one take, Taylor captures “Delicate” in an entirely different way.

This is a MUST SEE video, available from midnight EST tonight on mobile for Spotify users in the US, UK, Sweden and Latin America. It can be viewed on some of Spotify’s hottest playlists: Today’s Top HitsTeen PartyPop Rising and THIS IS: Taylor Swift.

Since you’re now probably craving a solid dose of Taylor’s biggest songs through the years, look no further than the playlist THIS IS: Taylor Swift. It’s currently front and center on Spotify’s AMPLIFY hub celebrating Women’s History Month under the heading “Icons and Influencers” because, well…Taylor Swift."  

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