Email marketing can be one of the most underutilized promotional tactics for musicians. If you use any sort of download gate, then you probably have a collection of fan emails already. If not, then it’s easy to get started! Once you begin to collect a list of emails, you’ll want to reach out to your fans every time you have a major announcement. Since the average person spends less than 15 seconds reading an email, you’ll want to keep your emails short and sweet – just make sure to include a call-to-action for your announcement, whether it’s a link to your new release, tour dates or anything else you are alerting your fans about!

Here are our picks for the best email marketing services for musicians and record labels.


Gmass is a Gmail-specific service that allows you to schedule emails, send out mass emails, merge email campaigns and more. However, some of the best features of Gmass include the ability to track opens and clicks, send emails as replies to the last thread with each recipient and send automatic follow-up emails until you get a reply. This service can be integrated directly into Gmail, making it one of the most effective email marketing services. ($6.95-$12.95/month)


Zoho allows you to easily import your email subscribers from various sources. If you’re using Zoho CRM, Eventbrite or G Suite, you’ll find this service especially useful. One of the services most useful features is the ability to use A/B testing in order to find your most effective campaign each time. Pre-designed templates, drag and drop editors and autoresponders make Zoho Campaigns a great choice for the music industry.($0-$65/month or pay-as-you-go)


2Mailchimp is a leading email marketing service. With the ability to connect a store, you’ll be able to sell more merch and music in no time. They take email marketing one step further by offering various ad campaigns, clear calls-to-action and stunning templates. Mailchimp’s advanced analytics will help you define and grow your audience in a clear and streamlined fashion. This service can get pricey depending on your goals, but the extensive options they offer are invaluable. ($0-$199/month)


YMLP offers an easy-to-use software to help you reach your fans. The service has a handy web app and offers 30 free sample templates, a simple newsletter builder and very competitive pricing. For someone who wants a no-frills, effective email marketing service, YMLP will get the job done. ($0-$5/month)


Mailjet is a business-oriented email marketing service that is a great choice for record labels with a large list of subscribers. They offer seamless contact list management, A/B testing, real-time monitoring and much more. With simple pricing options, Mailjet will allow you to send any amount of emails to your fanbase smoothly. ($0-$12.92/month) 


SendGrid is a highly acclaimed email marketing service that is used by the likes of Spotify, Uber and more. The widely used platform is a cloud-based service that offers email tracking, customizable and elegant design options, clear and actionable statistics and more. If you want a no-fail service, then SendGrid is a great choice. ($9.95-$79.95/month or premier)


FanBridge is a two-in-one service that offers fan growth and email marketing in one place. The platform offers fan growth tools, like a powerful social media scheduler, a YouTube Subscribe gate and more. Their email marketing service utilizes many integrations (SoundCloud, Spotify, Bandsintown, etc.), geo-targeting, automatic event inclusion and so much more. With a simple pricing model, FanBridge is one email marketing service that can’t be beat. ($19.99-$129.99/month)

We hope this helps you find the right email marketing service for you. Remember to only send mass emails when it’s most important, and get your fans in the know! Still want some more marketing hacks? Download our free marketing plan below. Good luck!