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image from cdn-images-1.medium.comYou upload music and on release day tweet to fans, “My new single just dropped — listen now on Spotify!“  But there’s a problem. Streaming services release music in each country according to local time zones. So, if your single goes live at midnight in London, it won’t be available to listeners in NYC for another 5 hours. DistroKid now offers a solution.

With “Synchronized Global Release,” DistroKid now makes it possible for artists and record labels to release music simultaneously in every country, at the exact same time.

Behind-the-scenes, the timezone offset of every country is calculated. And then a specific release-time is set for each country, based on that country’s easternmost timezone. An example would be France at 10:00am, UK at 9:00am, US at 4:00am, etc.

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Synchronized Global Release (SGR) is exclusive to DistroKid and available today, for free, to all DistroKid members with Musician Plus or Label plans. It only works for Spotify currently, but they plan on bringing SGR to more streaming services in the future.