Every Minute On The Internet… The Futility Of Trying To Be Everywhere [CHART]

Every Minute On The Internet[UPDATED] In a fractured media landscape, marketers often encourage artists to "be" everywhere their potential fans might be. But with 973,000 logging into Facebook, 481,000 tweets and 187 million emails sent every minute, getting above the noise is harder every day.

Some marketers look at the stats below and see a growing audience, others – and we think smarter ones – see the need to focus their efforts. 

image from jacobsmedia.com
via Jacobs Media 

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  1. it’s not easy marketing online nowadays because of the diverse platforms you have to reach. I think the best thing is to choose one or two platforms and create a presence/authority on there and then keep moving across as you get your weight heavy on each one. At least, this will reduce resource allocation and make it easy to establish on different platforms

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