Marketing Strategy For Facebook Music Events

1Here successful advertisement campaigners detail how to develop an effective strategy for marketing facebook events, comparing the classics approach to of event marketing to how it should be tailored for facebook events.


Guest post from Event Marketing Toolbox

Three important steps to promote Facebook Events

We have successfully launched tens of thousands of advertising campaigns for Facebook Events and gathered a vast experience in this area. You might be surprised to learn how many event promoters fail to design a clear and self-evident event description. If you’d like to use our experience to avoid committing similar errors, here’s how.

1. Event creation

Create Facebook Events on a regular basis. Comprehensive descriptions and ticket links are a must.

2. User acquisition

Reach Event’s target audience; both paid and organic means of promotion are helpful.

3. Content production

Tell event responders about the event, motivate to purchase tickets. Regular posting is the key.

Facebook Events Marketing Strategy

Classic Approach

The classic approach to online event promotion is to purchase pay-per-click ads, forward people to a ticketing website that offers  tickets for sale, and hope some of them make a purchase. The problem with this approach is the fact that you have to pay for each visitor to  your website. Moreover, not all members of the target audience who reached the website are ready to purchase tickets on the first try. But you still pay for each visit!

Old approach: You have to pay for each visitor to  your website.


Facebook Events Approach

Facebook Events promotion strategy requires you to attract an  audience to your Facebook Event first, and then forward users from your Facebook Event Community to the ticketing website. This strategy has two essential advantages compared with  other approaches:

Moneysaving strategy: Attract an audience to your Facebook Event first. You'll get tons on free audience via viral growth, Then forward users from your Facebook Event to the ticketing website via posting and…CLICK TO TWEET

When a user clicks Interested or Going to  your event, this can be listed in the News Feed of the user’s friends, who may also subscribe and enhance organic growth for the event. It will result in viral growth at no cost to you.

As you increase your Facebook event’s target audience, you can recurrently address the audience by  publishing posts. Once you post something on your Facebook event, some of your subscribers get notified of the updates. Thus, you have more chances to attract people to the event and motivate them to visit  your ticketing website. Unfortunately, such notifications will not reach all your event subscribers. Facebook is constantly changing the algorithms. For this reason, it is a good idea to enhance posting with pay-per-click ads aimed at your Facebook event subscribers. This will ensure forwarding interested users to your website for tickets sales.

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