MondoTunes Offers Free Distribution To Lure Back Musicians

image from globenewswire.com[UPDATED] In 2015, MondoTunes offered something revolutionary – free music distribution to the major services. Months later, the company came under fire after it changed the terms.  Now MondoTunes, which has rebranded as an affordable flat fee distributor, is working to bring back early customers.

MondoTunes announced today it will provide free distribution of music uploaded before September 2015 for artists who return to the service. Their usual fee\s start at $39.99 per year for unlimited uploads.

“We’re musicians ourselves,” says MondoTunes CEO and founder Mershad Javan. “With the digital music space constantly changing, we rely on artist feedback rather than some algorithm. What artists say they need is what we strive to give them."

"It was all about unlimited uploads three years ago,” Javan continued. “Today it’s still that, but we’re constantly tweaking our service offerings to be the independent artist’s number one resource. We’re moving on that now, and we’re moving fast.”

Starting today, legacy artists who released music on the platform before September  2015 can go to MondoTunes.com and claim their free, lifetime distribution of previously uploaded music.

MondoTunes is also working on new pricing options for other artists that should be announced in the coming weeks.

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  1. Cool act ladies and gentlemen. It’s nice seeing a company actually give a turd about Its musicians and not just care about their bottom line ????????????????

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