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Razor & Tie Co-Founders Launch New Label RT Industries

image from images-na.ssl-images-amazon.comRazor & Tie co-founders Craig Balsam and Cliff Chenfeld have launched a new music venture, RT Industries, after selling their successful indie label to Concord last year. Their new label is dedicated to curating, developing and marketing classic recordings with the same level of care and attention regardless of era or genre.

The first seven artist catalogs to join the RT Industries roster come from Warner Music Group’s European divestment program and include: Black Oak Arkansas, Sheena Easton, Fat Joe, Jesus Jones, Sugar Ray, Trapt and The Vapors. These acquisitions bring to RT Industries the full worldwide rights to all hit singles from the above-listed artists over the past five decades.

The label’s first three releases (all scheduled for Record Store Day 2018) are: Jesus Jones Zeroes & Ones, Sugar Ray Fly, and The Vapors Turning Japanese.

“I would describe RT Industries as ‘a startup with a track record’,” says Balsam. “We have staff in both New York and London, and our partnership with ADA extends our reach around the world. We have, from Day One, almost 1,000 recorded music copyrights and our objective is not only to maximize their potential across all platforms, but also to position these records and artists accurately in the history books of rock and pop.”

- CelebrityAccess