Spotify Adds Social Media Links, Image Galleries, But Still No Link To Artist Websites

image from cdn-images-1.medium.com[UPDATED] Spotify has added two important features that will help artists build and engage a fans base. Users of the free Spotify for Artists platform can now add social media links and an image gallery to their profile on the streamer. Still glaringly missing is the ability to link to the artists own web site.


spotify for artists

Artists and marketers can now add links to their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Wikepedia on their Spotify profile from within the Spotify for Artists web app. Access to the new feature is not yet available from the mobile app. They links appear in the About tab, and as Spotify says satisfy "the curiosity of any listener who’s hungry to know where you were born, what scenery is inspiring your music, or what you had for breakfast." 

Seriously, it's a powerful tool to build an audience. But still missing from Spotify is any way to link to the artist's website.

An Example

Caitlin CantyA quick review of major artist Spotify profiles ranging from Drake to Amanda Palmer found many not yet using the social media feature, but here's an example of a well set up Profile including social links from independent artist Caitlin Canty.

Artists can now also load up 125 photos to a gallery that appears within their profile. They can also update their avatar image, and as always, update their bio and use the Artist’s Pick feature from within the app.

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