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The Music Marketing Manifesto: 10 Principles For Success

3For unsigned bands, promoting your music can be an even greater challenge than for those with a label attached to their name. Here we break down ten principles for success which unsigned bands and artists can use as a guide to marketing their music.


In this recent post on MusicThinkTank, Mark Knight outlines an unsigned artist's manifesto for acheiving success in the music industry.

"3. Be your own biggest critic and biggest promoter

Continue to critique everything you produce, and ask yourself: Is this good enough? Does it communicate who we are? Would I really recommend, share or buy our music? Conversely to keep on promoting your music, be opportunistic but never annoying. Remember, nobody is ever likely to care as much about your music as you do. So before you pay anyone else to promote your music, think what else you can do yourself. Who have you told about your music today?"

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