9 Resources For Musicians On The Road

1'The world can seem like a harsh place to independent artists on the move, but the modern age has a variety of helpful resource that can make DIY touring a reality. Here we look at 9 resources for artists, whether they're looking for gigs, management, or housing.


In this recent piece from MusicThinkTank, Danial Matthews suggests nine different valuable resources for artists looking to make it on the road.

"What’s one of the hardest things about running around and booking your own shows? It’s that oftentimes you need bands to play with, and if you’re not well-established there isn’t always a local promoter to help you out. Enter SplitGigs. This is a social network where you find other artists to share shows with you. Obviously you can use Facebook to find bands in any city, but it helps to have multiple apps at your disposal. "

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