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Will YouTube Streaming Music Service Launch At Google I/O.? [UPDATED]

YouTube Music logoUPDATE: YouTube's new music service did not launch so far at Google I/O. - YouTube has promised a new paid music streaming service for months, as part of a plan to counter objections from artists and labels that feel the Google owned company pays too little for music. .

Last week, Reddit user c2fifield posted images of a redesigned YouTube Music app, which the company have since confirmed are real. “We’re always working to improve YouTube Music and ensure it’s the best possible experience for users. We’re glad users are enjoying the update to the player page,” a YouTube spokesperson The Verge.

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The new design adds a '‘now playing’ window for audio only. Plus users can now rearrange the queue, as shown above.

Why do we think the is part of the launch of YouTube's new streaming music service?  First, it is almost unimaginable that the new service would be called anything other than YouTube Music.  Second, Google's massive I/O developer conference start tomorrow., with the big announcements usually happening during the keynote scheduled for 10AM PT/1PM ET Tuesday.