Iconic Tests Copyright Infringement Software For Indies

Iconic Artists LLC logoIconic Artists has announced the beta testing of Streamtrack, its copyright infringement and reporting software. Launched as a response to the continued threat of piracy and exploitation faced by so many in the music industry, StreamTrack was designed to help songwriters, musicians and other rights’ holders keep track of their intellectual property.

According to Iconic, the StreamTrack app utilizes real-time tracking software to accurately log and report copyright infringement related to streaming music.

Of the technology, Iconic Artists founder, Michael J. Flynn Jr. said: “Independent Labels have historically been at a disadvantage to the big three due to the difficulties in effectively and efficiently identifying instances of infringement. Pursuing claims has been a closed game, time consuming and expensive. ICONIC STREAMTRACK is a game changer for the other indie labels. Combined with our Tier 1 Global Legal Rights Pursuit Team STREAMTRACK gets the evidence to help put more money in right’s holders pockets.”

Flynn continued, “Federal Law provides for a minimum of a 5x return on the cost of our infringement reporting service. Factor the reporting credit we give artists when they pursue claims through us and we provide the best service at the best price in the industry. We have already identified tens of millions of dollars in infringements. The time is unquestionably now to capture data for use now or in the future. There are literally billions of dollars in potential claims out there.”

In the wake of numerous recent multi-billion dollar copyright infringement lawsuits involving major music players such as Spotify, Sirius, and YouTube, Iconic Artists hopes that StreamTrack will become a standard industry tool for accountability and transparency.



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  1. Hmm, a fraud? Someone using a little media skills to get attention? It costs $10 000 just to track one song, which you have to pay upfront before even being able to test anything… I can not find any legal information on the company etc. The “software” feels more like a web site someone created during a couple of days, and by the way, who is this Michael Flynn Jr anyways??

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