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Irving Azoff Calls Out ‘Liar’ Cohen, YouTube Over Payments

Not-buying-itYouTube Global Head Of Music Lyor Cohen is making the media rounds touting the launch of YouTube Music as the dawning of new day for music discovery and promising bigger payments to artists and labels. But Irving Azoff, super-manager and founder of the Global Rights, is not buying the hype.


"Forget the past,"  YouTube Global Head Of Music Lyor Cohen told Business Insider. YouTube is now "working in collaboration with the industry because the industry is terrified that this could be a two-horse race" between Apple and Spotify.

But from where Irving Azoff sits, a better payment structure is needed before he, his Global Rights PRO and his superstar client list are collaborating with Cohen and the Google owned music and video service.

Azoff, who has previously referred to Lyor as “Liar Cohen,” tweeted that "Apple and Spotify don’t threaten, they pay a fair wage. YouTube’s below market rates are a threat to artists’ livelihood."


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