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Midemlab Names 2018 Finalists: The Future Of Music Tech

image from cdn.pixabay.comMidemlab has named 20 finalists for 2018. Now that SXSW has downgraded the category, this startup competition is, along with a handful music tech incubators like LA's Techstars Music, Nashville's Project Music and London's Abbey Road Red, the best early indicator of what's coming next in music tech. 


Midem 2018

The 11th annual edition of world-leading music startup competition Midemlab will this year during the massive Midem global music industry convention in Vannes, France June 5-8.  This year's competition is sponsored by music streaming platform Deezer.

The 20 Midemlab nominees for 2018 are divided into four categories.

Music Creation & Education

  • AIVA (France) uses artificial Intelligence to compose “the music of the future”
  • MXX (UK) is an AI engine which atomises and re-constructs stereo music
  • Skoove (Germany) is a music learning platform offering interactive online piano lessons
  • Taplyrica (UK) teaches languages through the power of music
  • Voice Magix (Spain) automates synchronisation between lyrics and recorded singing voices

Music Discovery & Distribution 

  • Boreas (USA) is a discovery platform for emerging musicians which mimics natural selection
  • Laylo (USA) sees fans compete to find music first and spread it around the world
  • LICKD (UK) offers commercial music licensing for social video
  • Listen! (France) is an app for personalised and global musical curation
  • Louise (France) – is an app for sharing music live with your friends

 Marketing & Data/Analytics

  • Asaii (USA) uses machine learning to identify the industry’s next big hits (no video provided)
  • Gigz (France) offers personalised and geolocalized recommendations of concerts & more
  •  Muso.AI (USA) presents itself as “LinkedIn for music”
  • NumberEight (UK) predicts user context through sensors and artificial intelligence
  • Seated (USA) empowers artists to take control of their ticketing experience (no video provided)

Experiential technologies – VR/AR, High Resolution, IoT & Hardware

  • Enhancia (France) is the maker of Neova, the MIDI Ring controller which allows artists to express their creativity
  • Flexound (Finland) is an audio-equipped pillow which “lets your skin do the listening”
  • Jooki (Belgium) is a smart music player for families
  • Landmrk (UK) describes itself as “Pokémon GO for branded content”
  • WowTune (Hong Kong) allows you to create VR voice & song-selfies… like in this Trump/Obama spoof video

The winners will be chosen in June in Cannes by a jury that includes artist and entrepreneur Ryan Leslie; Deezer‘s Aurélien Hérault; Kima Ventures’ Eléonore Oudea; Tencent Africa‘s Brett Loubster; StartHer‘s Joanna Kirk; Sony Music‘s Guillaume Quelet; The BBC‘s Kate Russel; Midemlab 2017 winner Soundcharts‘ David Weiszfeld and more.

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  2. That’s because they don’t control or profit on any of those. Best to stay away from those apps that are geared only towards catering to big pocket labels to make money. And will step over the “dead bodies” of the small and middle tier music industry.

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