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No Artist, Writer Credits For Cover Or Live Videos, YouTube Spokesperson Confirms

Youtube_logoYouTube announced yesterday that it has added "music in this video" artist, songwriter and publisher credits to more than half a billion videos. But our sample of music videos revealed a pattern of missing credits. Now, YouTube has confirmed the omission.


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YouTube's new “music in this video” credits use the data and technology behind its Content ID to add artist, songwriter and publisher information to videos. But a sampling showed that only videos that use recorded music added credits. Cover and user generated videos featuring live or re-recorded music did not add "music in this video" credits, even though many of the sampled videos had been identified by the publisher or label.

A spokesperson for YouTube offered Hypebot this explanation:

"Live and covers are not currently part of the feature. We do have melody match tech that matches videos directly to musical compositions, but the quality of the metadata is still being improved.This will be an area for us to continue working with the industry and ultimately expand to covers etc."

We're still not sure why credits can't be added after a rightsholder has manually tagged (or in Google-speak "claimed") the video. But at least it's an omission that YouTube understands it needs to work on.


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