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Pandora Adds Personalized Playlists With A Twist

Pandora Personalized PlaylistsPandora rolls out personalized playlists to all Premium users today. Like Spotify and others, Pandora's individualized playlists begin with machine learning to match taste and mood, but then blend in selections from their proprietary Music Genome and curation team.


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After a March tease, Pandora Premium users can now access personalized playlists that fit their mood, activities and favorite genres and are updated each week based on your individual musical tastes.

The new playlists combined human curation with personalized algorithms to automatically serve up a balance of discovery and old favorites.

Under the hood, Pandora’s personalized soundtracks are powered by their Music Genome.  They then apply 75+ machine learning algorithms that include raw audio content analysis and collaborative filtering methods for listener preferences. Pandora then combines this data their in-house curation team to build playlists that reflect "who you are today and evolve with you tomorrow."

The new playlists appear in the “Browse” section under “Featured Playlists” on the mobile app. 

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