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Sign Petition To End Sexual Harassment At Music Fests

image from dingo.care2.comA new petition, hosted by Care2, is aiming to change the overall culture of music festivals by eradicating sexual assault and harassment.

The campaign follows Teen Vogue writer Vera Papisova’s report last month, in which she detailed how rampant the issue is at one of the country’s most famed annual music events, Coachella.

The petition, which has already garnered more than 30,000 signatures, is calling upon the organizers of major festivals such as the Governor’s Ball in New York and Outside Lands festival in San Francisco to take a firm stance against all forms of sexual assault and harassment, and to do their part by implementing zero-tolerance harassment policies.

“The culture at music festivals has to change. From coast to coast, music festivals must ensure that they are safe spaces for all and that people know how to get help if they need it,” the petition says. “Please sign this petition demanding that organizers of Outside Lands and the Governor’s Ball create a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment and assault and outline their plans to address it.”

To view and/or sign the petition click here.


MORE: "I interviewed 54 women at Coachella, and they all said they had been sexually harassed."

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