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Spotify and Instagram Link, Oculus Live Venues Unveiled at Facebook F8 Summit

Oculus-venuesYesterday at Facebook's F8 developer conference, Zuckerberg & Co, shared a myriad of announcements including new privacy controls, an expansion into online dating and more. But two announcements were pointed directly at musicians and the music industry.

Spotify + Instagram

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Three of the top 5 most-followed Instagram accounts belong to musicians. Now anyone can now share the music they're listening to on Spotify directly to Instagram Stories. 

Tap the share button in the Spotify app and your content is pulled directly into the Instagram camera. From there you can edit and add to your story or send it via Direct. You don’t have to connect your Instagram account to other apps in order to share to Stories.

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Oculus Venues: VR For Concerts

NextVR and Facebook's Oculus have partnered to bring live VR events to the just launched Oculus Venues. 

Venues is a new Oculus app that allows people watch live concerts and more alongside thousands of others in virtual reality. It combines live social engagement with NextVR’s VR content for an immersive event experience.

Venues will be available for the new Oculus Go headset and for Gear VR starting this month. The NextVR app is now available for Oculus Go, a standalone VR headset.

NextVR is also extending its ongoing music offering with School Night live from Hollywood that features up and coming bands every Monday.

“Oculus Venues is a bold move to provide profound social VR engagement and we are honored to deliver such an important part of this new product release from Oculus,” said David Cole, NextVR co-founder and CEO. “NextVR has built a passionate fan base around leading VR content experiences. Venues will satisfy our fans who want to enjoy this type of content on a massively social scale."

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  1. … have artists / labels given permission for this – it is additional promotion – but is it additional revenue for the artist …
    … VR concerts / Oculus Venues – excellent concept – would like to see the audience figures – check out MUSE …

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