Using Merch Sales To Engage With Fans

1While making money in the music has in many ways changed and become much harder over the years, merchandise sales have generally remained much the same. Additionally, merch provides an excellent opportunity for artists to build a connection and better engage with fans.


In this latest article from MusicThinkTank, Vanessa Ferrer explains how artists can used merchan and merchandise sales to connect and engage with their fans.

"Along the same lines of asking fans what items they’d like to see, another good way to engage them with merch is asking them to actually help you select the art – either by submitting something or by choosing from some designs you put out there. Either way this is a win/win because you’re inviting your fans to be part of your process, and you’ll likely be creating an item that they’ve already approved of, so you’re increasing your chance of sales. "

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