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Botletter: Impressive Facebook Messenger Fan Communications, Marketing Tool

image from pbs.twimg.comVeteran Music marketer and Music Biz Weekly podcast co-host Mchael Brandvold explores the Facebook Messenger tool Botletter, which provides artists with an exciting new way to effectively communicate with fans in a style similar to email.


Guest post by Michael Brandvold of Michael Brandvold Marketing


Botletter is a new online marketing tool that has really got me excited. I see so many tools and apps, but few of them really get me excited… this one did! Botletter is a bot for Messenger on your Facebook Page. In simple English what does that mean? Think of Botletter as a email for Facebook Messenger. Your fans on Facebook can now subscribe to your Page’s Messenger account, just like subscribing to a email list.

Don’t look as Botletter as a replacement for email, EVERYONE should have a email list and should always be actively growing that list. You should have a toolbox of various items you use to communicate with your fans and I think Botletter fits in to that toolbox very nicely.

Once setup you use Botletter to send one message to everyone on your Messenger list. Once installed anyone who messages your Facebook Page will be given a automatic message to subscribe to your Botletter list. Only people who opt in the the list are added. Nobody can add a junk email address, the person using the Facebook account has to agree to join. You can still hold a conversation with anyone using your Page’s messenger, Botletter does not interfere with conversations.

Here is a example of the message a fan would receive when they message your Page. The message is completely customizable.

Below is a example of a real Botletter message I sent. The custom variable is replaced with the users first name. You can customize the message, upload your own image, customize the call to action copy and link. Basically you have full control over everything in the message.

The real beautify of Botletter is that the open rate of messages sent via Messenger are huge and that is no exaggeration. Take a look at the open and click rates for these real Botletter campaigns that I sent.

Botletter Open Rates

Compare those rates to similar messages sent to one of my email lists. These are all real campaigns, real results.

Here are the results from a Facebook post.

Of course results will vary from Page to Page, take a look at these results for a couple other bands who each promoted their email list with a post from Botletter.

Look at those open and click rates… 87% open rate and a 53% click rate… WOW!!!

Some of the many features that Botletter offers, include:

Automate your marketing on Messenger with drip campaigns
This means you can configure an automated sequence of messages to be sent to any new subscriber.

Create a new marketing channel in minutes without hassle
Setting up your Botletter is as easy. Just two steps. Choose a Facebook Page to host your Botletter, configure the greeting message and you’re done.

You can send your campaign right away or schedule it whenever you want.

Create segments and automatically subscribe people to it thanks to a special link we provide.

Before sending your campaign, you can filter your subscribers list by gender, timezone, localisation, date of subscription or segment.

We provide detailed analytics for each campaign. You will know the open-rate, click-through-rate, absolute number of opens and clicks. You also have the detail per subscriber.

Name Variables
You can use name variables in your messages to personalize your campaign and drive more engagement.

Don’t look at Botletter as a replacement for a email list. You should still be actively building a email list. Botletter should be seen as another marketing tool in your toolbox for communicating with your fans.

If you are interested in installing Botletter or need assistance with setup or putting together a strategy please feel free to contact Michael Brandvold Marketing.

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