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1300 Musicians, Trade Groups Push For Article 13 Adoption Today, Big Tech Disagrees

image from cdn.pixabay.comUPDATE 2: 1300 recording artists including Sir Paul McCartney, Plácido Domingo, James Blunt and Max Martin, as well as most industry trade groups are urging the European Parliament to support the Article 13 EU Copyright Directive today.  But big tech disagrees. 

The vote will take place on today, Thursday July 5th in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France.

While most in the music and creative industries approve of the legislation, many in tech do not. Google, whose YouTube would be forced to change how it handles user-generated videos, has reportedly spent millions lobbying against Article 13.

"seize the chance to restore fairness"

Earlier this week, Paul McCartney added his voice to thousands from across Europe’s creative sectors calling for the EU to "seize the chance to restore fairness to Europe’s online music marketplace."

Highlights of the Pro-Article 13 campaign: 

  • More than 1,300 recording artists are calling for a solution to the Value Gap
  • 84 major European creative sectors including record labels (Majors and Indies), songwriters, The International Artists’ organisation, newspapers, authors, books, cinemas, book publishers, picture agencies, football leagues, commercial TV broadcasters, magazines, academics, publishers and many more asking for support on the Copyright Directive
  • Many MEPs asking for the EU to achieve the same
  • A petition by 20,000 creators
  • More than 100 videos from recording artists from all European nationalities urging their MEPs to support the copyright mandate (a selection of which are being posted on IFPI’s twitter feed)
  • Full text of McCartney's letter 

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