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David Crosby Slams Low Royalty Payments, Byrd-mate Roger McGuinn Agrees

image from pbs.twimg.comDavid Crosby of Byrds, Crosby, Still, Nash (+ sometimes Young) and solo fame has tweeted his displeasure with the payments he's receiving. In a tweet headlined "real numbers," the outspoken musician published a list of his recent per stream earnings.

Crosby did not name which song he was referring to, how many co-writers it had or what companies the royalties were funneled through and taking a cut. But he did offer this additional info in response to a fan's tweet.

After a fan tweeted about his interaction with Crosby about streaming royalties, Byrd bandmate Roger McGuinn wrote:

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  1. Isn’t that a little unfair to claim $5 for 1m streams?
    e.g. Spotify – $0.00437 x 1,00,000 = $4370
    It’s not telling the whole story.

  2. Musicians. Math is not a strength. LOL
    The average per stream from Crosby’s list is $0.00694
    A million plays will generate $6,936
    Does it suck? Yeah for sure.
    Has-been artists need to adopt the same mindset as an indie artists and quit releasing their music to streaming – there is no reason to put your whole catalog on streaming.
    A direct to fan marketing system to SELL music works. I do it all day long and make a full time living and I am a nobody.
    Think of the movie industry. They release to theaters; then it goes to the DVD sale, then Redbox/Rentals, then streaming. A movie company does not release their entire catalog to netflix/streaming, it limits releases for a period of time. They maximize the revenue
    An indie artist (or has-beens like Crosby & McGuin) can do the same thing and generate a full time income.

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