Press coverage is pretty important in the digital age, and it’s all about connections. But where do you start? Sure, you can send out cold e-mails to writers and editors who may never open them, but there are a few tips and tricks to help you get noticed in a sea of demos.

Below are some steps to take for helping you find a music blog to premiere your next single.

1. Create a spreadsheet and organize your options

2There is an endless number of blogs out there on the web, but it will be a waste of time to reach out to sites that don’t cover your style of music. Do some research and find blogs that fit your sound. From there, find the contact emails for writers and editors, recent articles to mention and submission requirements. You can even team up with other artists in your field to tag-team a database.

2. Get all of your release information together

You’ll want to put together a list of what editors and writers will want to know. Make sure to include the release date, a hi-res version of the artwork, a press release or release bio, an artist bio and a link to the song. Many blogs prefer not to download music, so make sure to use a streaming link, such as DropBox or SoundCloud. From here, you can adjust your emails to fit each blog.

3. Make sure your socials are on point

If a blog writer heads to your SoundCloud or website and it’s a hot mess, then chances are they’ll be turned off by your emal. Make sure your socials are looking great and are easy to locate. Include your social media platforms in the email or in your signature.

4. Reach out and make it personal

Once you have all of your contacts organized and your information in order, start reaching out. Make sure to reach out as early as possible (2 weeks pre-release is usually a good time-frame), and keep it personal. Mention some similar artists they’ve featured, a well-written article that you enjoyed, or any mutual connections you may have. From there, include all relevant information for your track and send away!

4. Don’t be afraid to follow-up

Blogs get hundreds (or thousands) of emails a day. It’s standard for them to skip over some of them. Don’t be afraid to follow up! Many times, it takes a couple emails for someone to actually notice you. If they don’t respond after the second time, there’s a good chance they might not be interested.

5. Get more coverage!

Many blogs require 24-hour exclusivity for premieres, but you’re free to open your options up after it’s over. Hit up all other blogs for general coverage, and feel free to mention the blog that premiered it.

Check out more information for getting featured on blogs here.