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#LoveMusic Launches To Support New EU Copyright Laws

image from September 12th, the European Union will vote on whether or not to embrace tougher copyright laws that could include upload filters designed to identify and block unlicensed content. After a mixed procedural vote earlier this year, a group music industry heavy hitters are joining to support the legislation and fight any attempts to water it down.

image from torrentfreak.comThese industry heavy hitters have joined together to launch the #LoveMusic campaign.

“The UK music industry has united to call on EU Members of Parliament to secure music’s future,” touts the newly launched #Love Music campaign designed in support of the EU's Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market.

"Music creators are like butterflies in this rainforest – beautiful and delicate," reads the front page of the #ILoveMusic site. "Yet some of the global tech giants are laying waste to our creative world, threatening music's vibrancy and diversity by not fairly compensating creators for the use of their work. Creators need protection or the world of music will suffer."

Supporters are urged to sign the #MakeInternetFair petition which has already garnered 37,000 signatures. It begins:"We, creators from all artistic fields and from all over Europe, call on you, EU decision makers, to put a stop to the funneling of value away from the creators to a number of online platforms."

Learn more and sign here.


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