Now Submit Directly to Spotify’s Playlists

Spotify - submit directSpotify has opened the process of submitting music to 2018's holy grail of music marketing – Official Spotify playlists. Ariel Hyatt and the team at CyberPR have put together a guide the new playlist submission tool and and ways to improve your chances of success. 


Spotify - submit direct

By Ariel Hyatt and the team at Cyber PR

As of this year, Spotify boasts a whopping 70 million paying subscribers making it the most popular premium music streaming service among artists and music listeners alike.

And they are getting more an more artist-friendly every day – which is a great thing for you.

And of course their playlists are a key way of getting your music discovered and every artist is searching for ways to get onto these highly desired playlists.

You Can Now Submit To Spotify Playlists

Spotify has rolled out a brand new feature tailoring to this specific desire! They now allow you to submit one unreleased song for playlist consideration.

How to Submit Your Music Directly to Spotify

Simply sign into your artist account (or Spotify Analytics if you are a label) and choose your best song. When submitting take extra care to give a detailed description of the song supplying any and all relevant information about the song to easily guide editors to the best for place your music.

What to Include inYour Description

Genre, mood, instrumentation, whether it’s a cover, even the cultures you or the song belong to should all be included.

This new feature will also impact Spotify’s personalized playlists. This means that as long as you submit your track for playlist consideration 7 Days in advance it will automatically appear in every one of your followers’ Release Radar playlists (thereby possibly giving the algorithm a jolt)  

This way you have control over which single you’re promoting to your fans and to the playlists at the same time.

As Spotify wishes to make this process as fair and unbiased as possible they have released this statement:

We want to make something crystal clear: no one can pay to be added to one of Spotify’s editorial playlists. Our editors pick tracks with listeners in mind. They make these decisions using data about what’s resonating most with their community of listeners.

Note from your friends at Cyber PR: You can pay a playlisting company to help you connect with playlisters who are sometimes very hard to find.

More Is Coming From Spotify For Artists In The Future…

This new feature is still in beta testing but as Spotify improves and refines their system this will undoubtedly open many doors for a lot of outstanding artists.

Ariel Hyatt is the founder of Cyber PR; a Brooklyn-based social media PR firm. Her Cyber PR campaigns, books & seminars help connect artists with new media makers and coach them to create authentic relationships with fans.

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