Soundbetter Passes $10 Million Paid To Musicians, Producers

soundbetter logoSoundBetter, a marketplace for music production talent, announced that it has delivered over $10 million to artists and producers on the platform. "Most of that in the past 18 months," according to Shachar Gilad, SoundBetter Founder and CEO.

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SoundBetter helps artists create "release-ready" songs by connecting them with music producers, singers, songwriters sound engineers, while helping freelance music professionals make their services accessible to artists globally.

Pros using the platform include Grammy award winners, hit-making songwriters, touring session players and engineers who have worked on hundreds of hit songs. "We've had amazing success stories of artists finally going full-time doing what they love thanks to the income they earn on SoundBetter," said Gilad.

SoundBetter clients include independent artists, major artists, labels, production houses and film-production companies. Songs produced on SoundBetter have hundreds of millions of streams on the major platforms, according to Gilad. "We are growing rapidly thanks to the trust we've developed with the amazing talent on the platform."


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