What Actually Happens To Our Brain When We Hear Our Favorite Song?

3Music's ability to impact our health and well being as humans has long been established. A new study has revealed exactly what happens when a person hears their favorite song,  and how their brain responds.


In this latest post from MusicThinkTank, Courtney Myers examines the science behind hearing your favorite song, and what it does to your brain.

"When participants heard the songs that were not their favorite, referred to within the study as the “control songs,” their brain waves were busy with activity. Specifically, there were connections formed between the hippocampus and the auditory cortex. The hippocampus is the area in our brain that is largely responsible for helping us create and form memories. Thus, when we listen to songs that aren’t necessarily our favorites, we’re remembering them for the first time. We are, in effect, making new memories around them."

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