Alexa Now Answers Questions About Concerts, Venues Powered By Bandsintown

Alexa concertsAmazon's Alexa can now answer questions about upcoming concerts and top music venues worldwide.  Tour dates are drawn from Bandsintown. Examples of the new Alexa voice commands include: 

  • “Alexa, when is Bruno Mars coming to LA?”
  • “Alexa, is Metallica touring?”
  • “Alexa, where is the next Kenny Chesney concert?”
  • “Alexa, what time does Pink's concert start?"
  • “Alexa, is there a concert at AT&T park today?

I did some random tests of the new feature and thanks to Bandsintown's database of 450,000 artists and their shows, it provided some impressively obscure answers. But like many Alexa skills, recognition of some artist names was less than perfect.

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