Getting More Gigs For Your Band

4While every band has to start somewhere, lining up shows can be a challenge, and finding decent shows to play, particularly at the early stages, is not easy task. Here we look at some mixed techniques to try in an effort to line up more shows for your band.


In this latest piece from MusicThinkTank, Rachelle Wilber shares some different avenue to pursue as you attempt to get more gigs for your band.

"If you want more people to see your band, it makes sense to go where the people are. Ask popular restaurants, stores, cafes, and cultural centers if they allow live bands at their events. Work with these local businesses to plan regular shows. The more consistent gigs you play at these local spots, the more people will find out about your band. This in itself will allow you to meet other business and venue owners that will open the door to future shows."

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