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Is Led Zeppelin Launching Their Own Streaming Service?

image from celebrityaccess.comA trademark application filed in the US hints that the iconic heavy metal band Led Zeppelin is eyeing the launch of their own streaming service.

According to LedZepNews, the application says the service, called The Led Zeppelin Experience, will offer “non-downloadable prerecorded music on-line via a global computer network.”

However, as LedZepNews reported, the music on offer may be more than mere studio albums. The filing specifically references live audio, suggesting that the service may stream recordings of the band’s live performances.

2018 marks the 50th anniversary for the band, and earlier this year, Zep guitarist Jimmy Page teased that the surviving members of the group planned the release of a Led Zeppelin-themed “product” and hinted that there were surprises in store for the band’s fans.

The filing did not indicate what the business model for the service would be, though a subscription-based platform seems like it would be a stretch unless they plan to continually update the site with new material.

Zep’s catalog has been available for streaming via Spotify since 2013, and in 2014, they released new remasters of their studio albums.

If they do plan to release something for Led Zep 50, they are running out of time before the year’s end.


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