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Music Modernization Act Vote Unlikely Today [UPDATE]

Music Modernization ActUPDATE: The Music Modernization Act is being fast tracked for a voice vote in the Senate. It's a bold strategy that could backfire if even one Senator votes no. Despite earlier reports, it is now unlikely that the vote will happen today.

The Music Modernization Act, which overhauls copyright and compensation in the digital age, has been 'hotlined' for a voice vote today before the full U.S. Senate. 

UPDATE: While the MMA is being hotlined today, it will likely not be voted on until later in the week. The reason for the delay is unclear.

Senators were sent a final version of the bill on Friday and informed of the fast track voice vote on Monday. The bill sent to Senators did not include any of the  changes proposed by Sirius XM BUT opposed by MUSIC industry trade groups. Sirius XM objected to the portion of the legislation that would force them to pay for the use of pre-1972 recordings.

Senate leadership and the bill's sponsors appear to be confident that they have overcome any objections to the bill. 

If even one Senator votes no, it will open the bill to debate in the Senate and amendments. Given the overflowing pre-election Senate docut, this could delay the next vote until November or even kill it for the foreseeable future.  

"The music community is united around the MMA because it ensures fair treatment for music creators and a level playing field for digital radio services." SoundExchange CEO Michael Huppe said in a statement Friday.