7 Indicators You Have The Wrong Music Marketing Strategy

Marketing mistakesA successful music career depends on a solid public image and communication with fans. While any good PR person does all they can, not every approach has a positive outcome. Here we look at some of the most frequent errors that can cause a marketing strategy to fail.


Guest post by Scott Matthews


The music industry, as much as any other field of work, depends on a good public image built through stage performance, street conduct, things the artists say in their public addressing, CD cover design, well virtually anything related to the artist. The career path of multiple performers went up or down depending on how the public sees a musician at a certain point. The PR agents try to do their best in order to keep a positive visage of their clients, however not all marketing strategies have a positive outcome.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common indicators that something is not right with a musician’s marketing plan.

The audience not hearing you

There is an old saying that one should never discuss different tastes. Music, like any other form of art, has a colorful array of different features like sounds, beats, and styles, as well as the receiving audience. It's very important to target your audience properly and build a marketing campaign accordingly. Choosing a wrong target group could lead to slow sales, poor attendance at gigs, all of which hold the power to bury your career.  

Low social media coverage

Modern world expanded the field of battle in the marketing industry. It's not enough to keep the crowd happy with good performances, constantly spin your records on the radio, or design a nice poster. Artists dedicate more and more time speaking out via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media because that's where most of the world spends more time than anywhere else.

Regular social media posts can significantly benefit your marketing goals, so try to post as much as you can and as often as you can. If you don’t have the time for writing, there are online writing services like Brillassignment.co.uk and others that could create compelling textual content or proofread your text before it’s published.

Not enough video material

“Video killed a radio star” is an old verse and speaks volumes when it comes to music marketing strategy. Having a proper YouTube channel that you will regularly update with fresh video material can provide you with even higher reach but it also works as a good way to monetize through your campaign. In addition, research reveals that the audience reacts better to video materials, therefore focusing more attention on creating a compelling video content holds multiple values.  

Poorly designed or no website

A strong indicator of a flawed marketing strategy is the lack of a website represents your career, holds information regarding upcoming events, new releases, or public statements. The whole website design endeavor can take a large chunk out of your marketing budget, especially if you need to hire a web designer to produce a website for you. Nevertheless, the benefits encompassed in higher reach, better public exposure, and building a strong fan base that will visit your website frequently for updates will certainly return much if not more than what you invest.

Lack of personal contact with the audience

Social networks can help you build a stronger brand and keep your audience informed but only up to a certain point. How will you make sure that what’s really important to you reaches those who are interested? If your marketing strategy doesn’t include an email list then you’re doing marketing wrong. Periodical emails from you to your fans can help you gain even more attention and tell your audience those stories that matter to you.

Lack of promotion during the performance

Gigs are a great opportunity to strengthen up the ranks of your most loyal fans. It’s not uncommon but it’s always a shame to miss out on the opportunity to promote yourself even when you perform. Try and interact with the audience as much as you can during the pause or even between the songs. Also, it’s recommended to have some posters, flyers, and other materials that would help you substantiate your fan base and build a stronger name for yourself or your band.

Inappropriate timing

Before you decide to promote your new release, take some time to decide when would be a good time to show your work to the rest of the planet. According to some studies, there are months when releasing a new material may backfire at your face. Time is of the essence when it comes to launching a marketing strategy, so make sure your timing is right and then let the whole world know what you've been working on.


There are numerous examples that confirm that there CAN be such thing as bad publicity. Even the most famous music performers had some bad marketing decisions that almost cost them their entire careers. However, clever planning and managing every aspect of your campaign just right will bring you much needed public attention.

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