Fan Powered Music Streaming, Gaming Hub Launches [EXCLUSIVE]

Fan Powered Music LogoFan Powered Music has launched a free fan driven streaming service and gaming hub with a catalog of 6000+ tracks from independent musicians. The mix of music and games offers a unique way for artists to communicate with and engage fans.

The new music and gaming service is designed to build community between fans and artists. All music  recommendations on FPM are driven by fan interactions rather than paid placements, ensuring that all artists get the chance to have their music heard by fans of their genre.

Artists can upload tracks at no cost and make money through sales of automatically generated song-specific challenges with FPM’s library of games. 

“In addition to putting artists’ music in front of new listeners who are predisposed to enjoy it, we give creators the chance to engage their fans’ competitive spirit to drive discovery and bring in significant revenue through sales of automatically generated song challenges in our library of mobile games,” said Christopher “CJ” Starke, President of FPM. “It’s a fun way to spread the word about your favorite band, something you’re probably doing anyway!” 

“Music is supposed to be fun and engaging, and that concept is at the heart of FPM,” said Melissa Mazza, Vice President of Product at FPM. “Whether powering your favorite band to the top of the charts, competing with others to become an artist’s #1 fan, or playing games based on your top tracks, FPM leverages the spirit of competition to create a music community built around mutual interests and, of course, entertainment.” 

How Fan Powered Music Works

Fans help artists reach new listeners via free Promos, a 20-second song clip that plays after every third track on FPM’s ad-supported streaming service. After signing up, artists upload their music and select a song they would like to Promo.

Fans select up to three artists to “power” on the service, and those acts receive points whenever a fan plays, likes, shares, or comments on any song.

When the artist earns enough points to climb to the top of their genre’s Promo Queue, a 20-second clip of their track is played for a new listener who is a fan of that genre. If they choose to listen to the full song, or if they like it, share it, or comment on it, the artist receives even more points. After each Promo play, the song cycles back to the bottom of the queue until it earns enough points to reach the top again.

Uniquely, FPM ensures tracks do not lay dormant once they have been uploaded to its library, with each Promo’d track receiving at least one point each day regardless of fan interaction so that they never stop being introduced to new listeners.  

FPM also features multiple free games that users can download and play on their cell phones. When an artist uploads a song, its length, lyrics, and other metadata are used to automatically create a song-specific challenge in each game that fans can purchase for $1.29 each.

This opens new opportunities for artists, who can host weekly social media challenges to both drive sales, earning significant revenue, and nurture fan engagement, driving further discovery. Artists can also sell permanent downloads of their tracks for $0.99 each and receive royalties from ad-supported streaming plays. Revenue is split between the artist, labels, publishers, and FPM.

More at www.fanpoweredmusic.com.

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