Behind The Curtain: Inside The Bandzoogle Support Team

Bz-support-coffeeHypebot chronicles music tech and how its changing music discovery, consumption, marketing and monetization.  But seldom do we get to share a look behind the scenes at the people that make it all work. Now, the fine folks at Bandzoogle have offered a look at a day in the life of their support team. 

From the Bandzoogle blog

You already know that Bandzoogle has some of the best support out there. You might even know that we’re a distributed team with members in North America, Europe, and South America!

But how do we provide such a high level of service? We average 163 emails per day, and 711 chats per week! Here’s a look at a day in the life of the support team and how we serve our members every day.

A day in the life of Bandzoogle support

4am EST: Somewhere in Europe, Sinead starts working through support inquiries. We’re only offline six hours a day during the week thanks to our new, expanded support hours!

8am EST: The next wave of the support team pops in. We put a focus on work/life balance, and family is super important to us. Once Luis drops his daughter off at school, he’ll tag in to help Sinead with tickets before we turn on chat for the day. During our business hours, we aim to respond to all tickets within an hour!

9am EST: Ali, Brendon and Julia work together to respond to the rest of the messages that came in overnight, and at 9am, we turn on chat for the start of the day. Live chat allows us to better assist members in real-time, and it’s available seven days a week here!

11am EST: We’re always working on exciting new features and themes, like the recently launched template Forte. Lead designer Josh will present his mockups to the team, and often one or two support members will sit in to provide feedback. Since support works so closely with our members, we consider them your voice — they know what you’re looking for and what you expect from our service, so we include them in new product meetings from the start.

Throughout the day, our whole team will pop in to help out – in the past, our developers, system administrator, and even graphic designer have pulled shifts in support. (Even our new CEO started out on this team!)

12am EST: Most Wednesdays, Allison will lead a webinar as part of our education outreach. She’s familiar to many of our members as she’s often at conferences and events along with Dave Cool, who also communicates daily with support to share opportunities offered to our members.

2pm EST: Support team manager Adam leads training sessions for the team monthly to keep us all on our toes, ensuring things are running smoothly and members get the answers they need. We’ll have training sessions on email setups, SEO best practices, domain management, chat strategies, and more.

Day in the life of Bandzoogle support

4pm EST: Cameron (who you will recognize as the voice of Bandzoogle from our YouTube channel) might spend some time troubleshooting an issue for the dev team, while Ali takes a look at any incoming domain transfers. All support team members are cross-trained on every part of our platform, so everyone is well-versed and equipped to answer your questions.

8pm EST: Adrian wraps up chat for the day to focus on e-mail inquiries from members while Julia works on site reviews. The quieter end of the day is also a good time for individual projects, like blog posts, mailing list audits for members, or social media tasks.

10pm EST: Joseph will do a final check of social media for any inquiries that have come in on Facebook or Twitter as well as our member community before turning off the lights for the evening. We’ll be back at it bright and early in the morning! 

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