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Naxos Joins eMusic Exodus Over Non-Payment

image from naxosusa.comClassical music powerhouse Naxos of America today joined a growing list of labels and distributors pulling it's 1.8 million track, 80,000 album owned and distributed catalog from eMusic due to " continued non-payment, as well as non-reporting."

Naxos of America issued this statement:

“The decision to remove our content from eMusic was not taken lightly; however, fulfillment of payment obligations is a cornerstone of all successful business partnerships. In representing both Naxos and our hundreds of distributed label partners, our only remaining responsible choice is to remove all content from the eMusic service. We continue to work successfully with hundreds of other digital service providers around the world.”

Last month, The Orchard pulled their large catalog off eMusic and multiple sources tel Hypebot that many other labels and distributors have or soon will join the exodus.  

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