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New Beatles Pinball Machine May Be Most Expensive Ever [VIDEO]

image from celebrityaccess.comAn limited edition of an official Beatles pinball machine is for sale on the Beatles Store and it may be the most expensive pinball machines of all time. 

Pinball manufacturer Stern was at the Pinball Expo 2018 in Chicago this past weekend, but didn’t unveil a new machine, according to geek-tastic gamer website What the company did do, however, was quietly drop the Beatles pinball machine online a few days later.

“As you can see from the video below, this game has been designed with a classic look and feel to it, following a similar pattern used in games before they had ramps, toys and other fancy things,” ArcadeHeroes writes. “Thanks to Sean M. for pointing out that this is a re-skin & update of Stern’s 1980 release Seawitch. It features four flippers, a playfield spinning disc with a magnet, eleven drop targets, the full color LCD screen and a classic bell sound for a vertical spinner. Check it out:

Stern is apparently only making 1964 units, using musical terminology like the Gold , Platinum and Diamond Editions.

Pricing is unknown but “I received a couple of messages from different people ‘in the know’ suggesting that the Diamond Edition could be the most expensive pinball machine of all time, with the Gold Edition falling into a pricing category similar to Batman ’66.”

CelebrityAccess super-sleuths did some in-depth research and a premium Stern Batman 66 pinball machine (with shaker motor) goes on eBay for about $7,000.

Check out the Beatles pinball machine here.


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