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Ups and Downs A Big Push From A Major Record Label

up anDave Lopez, lead guitarist from the band Flipsyde joins Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert on the Music Biz Weekly podcast to share the band’s story of being discovered and signed by Jimmy Iovine to Interscope Records. One song got them discovered and signed. Now, looking back 13 years later Dave shares the ups and downs of being a major push on a major label.

Flipsyde is a rap/R&B/rock band from Oakland, California.

Flipsyde currently consists of singer/guitarist Steve Knight, lead guitarist Dave Lopez, and rapper The Piper (Jinho Ferreira). Originally they had a fourth member in DJ D-Sharp (Derrick Robinson), who is now replaced by a live band. They have toured extensively with Fort Minor, The Black Eyed Peas, Snoop Dogg and on the Anger Management Tour. Flipsyde’s single, “Someday”, was chosen as NBC’s theme song for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games held in Torino, Italy, as well as part of the soundtrack for the 2008 film Never Back Down. Their debut album, We the People, also featured three other singles (“Happy Birthday”, “Trumpets (Never Be The Same Again)”, and “Angel”).


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