Contracts Studio Producers Should Be Familiar With

1Studio producers and sound engineers typically require certain types of contracts in their work, so familiarizing yourself with such legal documents early can benefit you in the long run. Here we look the circumstances under which sound engineers should maintain ownership of work, vs. when a one-off fee is appropriate.


In this latest post on MusicThinkTank, the people at Music Law Contracts explore some of the key contracts with which studio producers should familiarize themselves.

"Session musician contracts fall under the category of ‘contracts for services’ (also known as ‘work for hire contract’ in the US) meaning that everything created as part of the performance of said contract belongs – from inception to final form – to the party commissioning and making the payment. The party being paid to perform the tasks described in the contract will have no claim on the ownership of copyright or any related intellectual property rights created as part of their musical performance."

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