How I Created A $300 Fan Generated Music Video

1While creating music videos is an important segment of an artist's music promotion, such endeavors are frequently expensive and time-consuming. In this interview Ariel Hyatt speaks with Eli Lev about how he did things a little more frugally with the help of fans.


In this latest piece interview from MusicThinkTank, Ariel Hyatt chats with independent artist Eli Lev about how he managed to successfully create a music video with the assistance of his fanbase. 

"When Eli Lev set out to make his latest music video for his recent single “Chasing Daylight,” he wanted to do something different. Instead of being the main focus of the camera, he wanted to shine the spotlight on his fans from around the world. Working with Zuke creative, he came up with a concept: have fans send in a short 30-second video singing along to the song, and then edit the videos together in one continuous cut to the recorded track."

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