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How Robyn Sold 50% of Madison Square Garden In 2 Days

1Here we look at how Swedish pop star Robyn succeeded in selling out over half of Madison Square Garden in just two days through some clever marketing techniques combining her Events Landing Page with her Instagram story.


Guest post from BandsInTown

To announce her upcoming show at Madison Square Garden, Robyn shared her Events Landing Page on her Instagram story to ramp up RSVPs ahead of the pre-sale. Those who RSVP’d to the show would receive an exclusive Bandsintown Pre-sale code to purchase tickets.

In comparison, to her previous shows to where a Bandsintown Pre-Sale wasn’t involved, Robyn got fewer than 300 RSVPs, meaning that our collaboration helped her boost her RSVP count by 900% more than what she could have expected otherwise. In doing so, Robyn was able to sell more than 50% of MSG within in 2 days!

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Check out Robyn’s Events Landing Page at

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**Stats for the Robyn pres-sale through the Events Landing Page will be updated at a later date.

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