Invite Subject Lines That Will Capture Potential Concert-Goers’ Attention

1As with so many aspects of marketing, event invite subject lines need to be carefully tailored in order to make a potential attendee feel excited and as though they're being personally catered to.


Guest post by Ronnie Higgins of Eventbrite

When it comes to your first invite to an event, you need to create urgency in your subject line to get the open. So whether it’s amazing music, networking and industry trends, or a food experience unlike any other, make it irresistible for recipients with a great hook. Another tactic to take is personalization — using a recipient’s name or city can increase open rates by 20%.

Email invitation subject line examples:

  • Don’t miss out: [Event Name]
  • Largest [Event Type] in [Geographic Location]: [Event Name]
  • Hi [Name], free [Date]? Join us at [Event Name]!

DownloadSubject lines to welcome returning attendees

Your returning attendees want to feel special and appreciated, especially the longer they’ve been going to your event. Highlight discounted prices or unique perks for returning fans to show them you value them.

Another useful technique? Segmentation — when you divide your email list into relevant target groups (demographics or geography, for example). This allows you to create subject lines that resonate with different audiences.

Email invitation subject line examples:

  • Special, early bird offer for our fans!
  • Exclusive ticket price just for [Recipient Name]
  • Hi [Name], it’s here: [Event Name + Year]

Subject lines for last-minute reminders

Sometimes people wait until the last minute to sign up for an event — sometimes they just forget that they signed up in the first place. When sending out last-minute reminders, you want to create a sense of urgency and fear of missing out (FOMO) to get the open.

Email invitation subject line examples:

  • Last chance to see [Speaker/Performer] live at [Event Name]!
  • [Event Name] is almost sold out. Get your tickets now!
  • You’re about to miss [Event Name]! Get your tickets before they sell out

Subject lines for speaker and performer announcements

There’s nothing more exciting than announcing your hard-won speaker or performer lineup to attendees. That’s the moment when you can really lean in to attract potential event-goers to your conference or festival and build up enthusiasm with your audience.

Email invitation subject line examples:

B2B events:

  • Meet the speakers at [Event Name]!
  • This session on [topic] will have your LinkedIn circles talking
  • Don’t miss [Keynote] on [Date] at [Event Name]!

B2C events:

  • Your Instagram feed will be full of this in [Month]
  • Grab your VIP tickets to watch [Performer Name]
  • [Year] lineup at [Event Name], featuring [Performer Name]!

Subject lines for event follow-up

Many event promoters put a ton of time and effort into their promotional emails, then neglect their post-event communications. Yet, your follow-up email is one of the most important you’ll ever send. Why? Because you can say thanks while asking for invaluable attendee feedback.

Email invitation subject line examples:

  • Take this survey and help us improve [Event Name]
  • What did you think of [Event Name]? We’d love to know!
  • You’re awesome for attending [Event Name]

Emails that grab event-goers’ attention

Looking for more tips on standing out in noisy inboxes? We teamed up with the experts at MailChimp to create a series of easy-to-use email templates that can help. Check them out in 7 Email Copy Templates to Sell Out Your Next Event.

Ronnie Higgins works at Eventbrite, helping event planners level-up their registration game. Born and raised in New Orleans, there’s nothing he enjoys more than helping people get together—whether it’s for a conference, class, or a city-wide party like Mardi Gras.

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