Growing A Music Career While Protecting Your Mental Health

1Sonny Stuart Winter shares advice for music industry hopefuls by recounting his experience from age 15 putting on  music events and how it led to a successful industry career. Later, he talks about the role of social media and mental health, and how they relate to the music business.


Guest post by Sony Stuart Winter

If you're thinking of studying Music Business at University, if you're studying now, or if you're aiming to succeed in the Music Industry as an artist or business professional, then click play on the interview below, where I share my experience and advice that might just help you figure out your next step.

In this in-depth interview, I candidly talk about my experiences from age 15, putting on my very first music events that would lead to being a renowned concert promoter for 10 years. I discuss touring Europe with independent artistsgrabbing any experience you can when you're first starting out in the business and my role now as International Rights Manager for Phoenix Music International, in London.

After being invited to guest lecture for Music Management students at Bucks New University, I had the pleasure of being interviewed on my experiences at University, my dissertation, life after graduating, getting experience in the business, social media and mental health, an area that is very close to my heart.

"We're at a time where we're more connected than ever but we're more lonely than ever"

Later in the video (which you can watch in full below), I open up about the role of social media on mental healthI'm a big advocate for mental health charities (which I explain below) and the support work they do but it is clear that social media is having a detrimental effect on our identity, community and sense of wellbeing.

I'm really proud of this interview. It's not often that I can truly open up about many areas that I feel strongly about so thank you to Natalia Witek & Euphoria Productions for their excellent work with the interview, filming an editing process.

I'm happy to say that I myself have just invested in some new video recording kit so expect new (and hopefully more regular) content very soon, including season two of Such Great Heights which is being filmed in the next fortnight. For now…

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Until next time…

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  1. In school right now for Music Business! I appreciate this interview. Especially when you talk about focusing for an allotted time. Sometimes I feel so pressured to be doing more all the time while juggling class. I forget I have a safety net and don’t have to stress myself out consistently. It’s hard to manage, but I will 100% take your advice. Thank you


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