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Spotify (Finally) Launches New Apple Watch App

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Spotify has launched a new Apple Watch app which includes improved access and control over music and podcasts, as well as, the ability to connect to speakers or devices. The streamer promises the more improvements ahead including the ability to listen to music and podcasts offline.

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From Spotify:

"Ready to start your run? Hit play from your Apple Watch without having to wrangle your phone out of its running case. Running into a friend as you head into the grocery store? Tap pause to grab a cart and a chat. Not feeling a slow song during your birthday party? Skipping to the track that matches your mood and activity is now as easy as checking your notifications. Or, while listening to your favorite podcast, easily rewind 15 seconds to catch that detail you missed. It’s all right there on the watch face.

Speaking of parties, easily connect your speakers or devices via Spotify Connect to effortlessly DJ from your watch.


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